What Are the Benefits of IV Therapy and Preventative Medicine?

Are you looking at ways to improve your overall health and wellness and prevent disease before it starts? Are you concerned about a specific medical condition that can respond to intravenous therapy, such as fatigue, sore muscles, or a weakened immune system? If you are looking for ways to optimize your health and resilience, you may be a candidate for IV therapy and preventative care offered by Dr. Ken Winnard and the professionals at One Life Health and Performance in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

IV Treatment and Preventative Medicine Together

Although these are two different therapies, they can work to support one another in many ways. IV therapy is a method of delivering fast-acting remedies to patients who currently suffer from a number of conditions. Preventative Medicine care, meanwhile, is a more holistic approach to your health and wellness. It can help you avoid problems and complications in the first place. When a patient utilizes both of these treatments, they can experience a boost to their systems that can elevate both their health and their happiness.

What Is IV Therapy?

Also known as “intravenous infusion therapy”, this method is a natural and effective treatment for a number of conditions. It is especially effective in situations that require rapid boosts of hydration, nutrients, or certain types of vitamins. Intravenous infusion has become popular in recent years for the speed with which it can respond to sickness and boost a patient’s immune system. However, it can also be used for less urgent situations, such as using amino acids to improve cognitive ability and metabolism or infusions that will help a patient suffering from fatigue or dehydration.

What Are the Benefits of IV Therapy?

In many cases, IV treatments introduce higher doses of nutrients that are already in your body but not in sufficient amounts. When a vitamin or amino acid deficiency causes a patient to become fatigued or weakens their immune system, an infusion of that nutrient can go directly into the bloodstream for maximum absorption. A natural infusion is often preferable to some sort of pharmacological treatment, which many patients wish to avoid.

In addition to these larger advantages, there are some other specific benefits to IV therapy that are worth considering:

Intravenous Therapy Can Be Tailored to Your Needs

IV infusions can deliver many different kinds of nutrients depending on the patient’s needs. This makes it a highly versatile treatment method. Patients may find that they need one sort of vitamin B12 infusion for fatigue in one instance, while later they may find use in a formula that uses B6 to help relieve sore muscles.

Intravenous Therapy Can Be Blended to Address Specific Concerns

While some clinics focus on delivering pure vitamin shots (only one sort of vitamin at a time), other clinics work to blend mixtures that can deliver the best results for a specific condition. At One Life Health & Performance, we have developed a number of targeted infusions to address challenges that people face in their everyday lives.

These treatments include infusions for rehydration, fat-burning, metabolism-boosting, optimizing recovery, boosting the immune system, minimizing bloating, fighting acne, skin health, and overall wellness. By taking this approach, we ensure that our patients can get the best treatment for whatever problem they are facing without having to figure out on their own what vitamins they might need.

Intravenous Therapy Works Quickly and Maximizes Absorption

Because this therapy involves the direct delivery of nutrients to the bloodstream, it does not take as long to take effect as taking oral medications. When vitamins are ingested orally, they must go through the process of being digested. In addition, much of the vitamin’s potency is lost during the ingestion process. In pill form, only about 50% of a vitamin may be absorbed, while an IV infusion will offer nearly complete absorption.

Intravenous Therapy Can Boost the Immune System

Your immune system is critically important to keeping your body healthy and disease-free, as well as when it comes to fighting off infections that you may have picked up in day-to-day life. With an immune system boost, you can lessen the amount of time it takes to recover from an illness. Every formula is different, but some typical vitamins used in immune system boosters include vitamin C, zinc, and certain B vitamins.

Immunity boosts are not meant to replace medical care for a serious illness, but when it comes to fighting routine colds or infections, it can give your system that little “something extra” to heal. If you’re already feeling under the weather, our Immune Life shot can help you kick your sickness to the curb and feel better, faster.

Intravenous Therapy Can Help You Recover After Working Out

Athletes and active people know that recovery from strenuous exercise is a big part of any fitness regimen. The nutrients your body uses during these times are critical, as are the carbohydrates, proteins, electrolytes, and vitamins. If you are in training for an athletic goal such as playing on a sports team or preparing to run a marathon, your recovery period can be faster and more productive if you’re giving your body the fuel that it needs to get better. Amino acids are often used in these sorts of shots, which also typically incorporate B vitamins as well as other nutrients.

In addition, these treatments can also be used to help active people recover when muscles are sore or overused. There are many reasons why your muscles can experience soreness, but the right blend of nutrients can make a huge difference in getting them to feel better.

Intravenous Therapy Can Boost Your Skin Health

Did you know that an IV boost can also help treat problems like acne and wrinkles? Although it isn’t as well-known, the fact is that our skin (like our hair and nails) relies a lot on the nutrients we have available in our bodies. This is especially true when our skin needs to repair itself after damage, such as sun damage or acne. Our “Youthful Life” mixture has everything you need to get your skin vibrant and glowing once more.

Intravenous Therapy Can Relieve Headaches

Headaches and migraines can be caused for many reasons, and if you are suffering serious migraines you should seek specific medical help for these. However, you may also find that IV treatment can help you relax and avoid the headache to begin with, especially if it is stress-related. Magnesium and B vitamins are often used in these mixtures.

Intravenous Therapy Can Re-Hydrate You

If you have ever been dehydrated, you know that it can have a serious impact on how you feel and think. Dehydration can lead to mental fogginess as well as a serious drop in energy reserves; and in some cases, it isn’t enough to drink a little water and get better. An infusion of vitamins and electrolytes can bring you back to your normal energy and make you feel like yourself again.

Intravenous Therapy Can Boost Your Metabolism and Burn Fat

Diet and exercise aren’t the only factors in achieving the fitness level that you desire. Your body, liver, and bloodstream need the proper nutrients to help you function at optimal levels. Many fitness experts recommend certain supplements that can boost your performance at the gym and your results afterward. These may include alpha-lipoic acid, MIC (Methionine, Inositol, and Choline), and various nutrients and amino acids that enhance your ability to burn fat.

Although many of these supplements are available to take orally or as part of a shake or smoothie, there will be a significant loss of efficiency when compared to a direct infusion into the bloodstream. Ask about our “Lean Life” IV treatment to learn more.

Intravenous Therapy Can Help Bloating and Irritability

If you are suffering from digestive issues, cramps, or lower back pains, you know that it can have a serious impact on your ability to get through the challenges of the average day. Fortunately, you may also find that certain IV treatments help minimize or even erase the condition. In order to address these sorts of issues, we have formulated our “Alleviated Life” mixture to get you feeling right again.

Who Is a Good Candidate for IV Treatment and Preventative Medicine?

Each candidate will have a unique set of health concerns and (potentially) health conditions before they get treatment. Every infusion will take these different factors into account, which means that for most people, there is an IV treatment that can be tailored to their needs using an optimal blend of B-vitamins, vitamin C, amino acids, antioxidants, or electrolytes.

Most adults can get IV treatments safely, but the exact details of the IV treatment should be discussed with a medical professional before deciding on the ingredients. When you come to our center for an in-person consultation, we will go over your medical history and your specific aims and develop the ideal formula for your infusion. When you combine IV treatments with preventative care steps, you can create a blueprint for long-term health.

What Is Preventative Medicine and Its Benefits?

Preventative Medicine Care represents a mindset and approach to health that is the basis for our clinic. We work with patients to make therapeutic lifestyle changes that pay off for years––not just for the immediate future. When you begin to adopt good habits, you can find great success both in preventing specific diseases and in achieving overall wellness. There are numerous benefits to starting a lifestyle therapy program.

It Can Help Prevent Diabetes in Adults

Diabetes can become a concern later in life, and many adults find themselves in a position where they have to make sudden and drastic changes to their lifestyles and diets in order to avoid further problems. By taking preventative steps earlier with regard to these diets and habits, it’s possible to avoid more extreme outcomes. Our clinic works with adults who have concerns about how their diet might affect their long-term health, creating a nutrition plan that takes into account the vitamins and nourishment that you’ll need.

It Can Reduce High Blood Pressure in Adults

In addition to diet, our external lives can also create a host of challenges for our personal health and well-being. Job-related stress, sleep troubles, and the frenetic pace of the modern world can all contribute to creating high blood pressures. Our clinic utilizes Metagenic’s FirstLine Therapy program, which offers additional insight into creating optimal cardiovascular health. Adults who work with our program can see major changes to their blood pressure and blood sugar levels, bringing both into healthier ranges.

It Can Address Weight Problems

It today’s society, it can be an enormous challenge to maintain a healthy weight. For many who spend hours in the car or at the office, much of our daily lives can be sedentary, contributing to a rise in average weight in adults. When our weight gets into unhealthy territory, it can lead to further health issues down the road.

For many of us, the best thing we can do is address it head-on with simple changes in lifestyle, preventing potential problems later on. Our clinic believes in helping clients both with diet and also with fitness and exercise habits. While many of these changes are simple, they are not always easy, which is why wellness coaching can make a profound difference in success rates.

It Can Address Digestive Issues and Acid Reflux

Preventative medicine has also found significant success in treating conditions like acid reflux. When patients are made aware of the potential causes of these conditions, we are able to help plan a course of action that can mitigate the negative results. Acid reflux is a painful and highly uncomfortable condition to endure, but our techniques can help you manage it and find positive solutions to help you feel your best.

How Does Our Clinic Help?

The first step in our approach is to meet with you and discuss any concerns and goals, as well as your medical history. It’s important for us to understand what you want to get out of your health coaching process. In terms of getting the process started, we will first do some blood work so we can get an idea of what treatments will be most beneficial to you. After the blood work and consultation, we can bring a personalized coaching system that will help you develop positive routines and habits in all areas of your wellbeing.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Preventative Medicine?

Anyone can get something out of wellness coaching. It is good for any adults who aim to achieve their optimal health and avoid negative pitfalls and unhealthy consequences down the road. The exact nature of your personalized program will depend on your own situation, so some specific therapies might be good for one patient but not another. However, we work closely with all our clients to help them live life to the fullest and healthiest.

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