Frequently Asked Questions

What type of medicine do you practice?

Our Doctor, Ken Winnard, MD, is an Internal Medicine trained physician with an extensive background in Lifestyle, Functional, & Preventative Medicine.

What is Lifestyle, Functional, & Preventative Medicine?

Preventative care is the basis of our clinic. We aim to restore patients’ health to an optimal level to prevent chronic disease before it occurs. Most traditional doctors understand that diet and lifestyle changes should be the first treatment for chronic disease, however formal medical training doesn’t include these. Functional Medicine is the method of finding and treating the root cause of chronic disease. It focuses on the patient as a whole person, not just on one particular part related to one particular disease or symptom. It is science based and personalized. Lifestyle Medicine is the method of using lifestyle intervention, or “therapeutic lifestyle change”, to prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic disease.

What health problems do you treat?

We treat all health concerns, whether directly or indirectly, through proper education and lifestyle changes in diet, physical activity, sleep health, hydration, hormone balancing, etc. Rarely, we will refer a patient to a specialist for treatment if necessary.

Do I have to be sick or have a chronic disease to become a patient?

No! In fact, we focus on treating patients before chronic disease has occurred. We aim to first find out where you are in your health journey, then we aim to either prevent, treat, or reverse chronic disease. We do this by educating patients on proper lifestyle changes. Our target patients are healthy individuals looking to optimize their health and prevent chronic disease altogether.

Do you ever prescribe medications?

If necessary, yes. But at OneLife Health & Performance, our belief is that a majority of health concerns can be treated through proper lifestyle changes alone. Our belief is that food & exercise are the most powerful drugs on the planet. Targeted diets, and peptide, vitamin, and supplement plans have proven to be effective in our patients for preventing and treating disease.

Are your Physicians considered Primary Care Physicians?

Our Doctor is more of a specialist than a Primary Care Physician. He focuses on in-depth appointments and does not typically see patients on an acute or urgent-care style basis.

What if I want to become a patient, but don’t live in the area?

Dr. Winnard see patients from all over the United States through the use of Telemedicine. Dr. Winnard can hold consultations/ appointments, continue your care, and keep you on your health track all through an easy-to-use video-conferencing application that is provided to you through our clinic.

Will I spend a lot of money if I become a patient?

All health programs at OneLife are created specifically for each patient; however, we try to keep costs as low as possible. Additional peptides, supplements, medications, and vitamins can increase out of pocket cost. We believe that much like routine visits to the dentist can help keep your smile healthy while avoiding plaque & tartar build up, routine visits to our clinic can help keep you healthy while avoiding chronic disease.

Do you accept health insurance?

Unfortunately, insurance-based medicine is geared towards managing sick people, not optimizing health & preventing disease. We are a cash-only model clinic, but we believe that investing in your health now can save you lots of money long term. We encourage you to view your health as an investment and remind you that spending money on your health & wellness now will result in saving money long term by avoiding doctor visits, hospital stays, medication costs, etc.

Do you see children?

We only see adults ages 18 & up.

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