Tattoo Removal

Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal

One of the most effective ways to remove unwanted tattoo pigment is through the Q-Switch Laser technology. With the new Lumenis® Stellar M22 Laser at OneLife Health + Performance, we can help you reduce and ultimately remove the appearance of dark tattoos. 

Let us help you remove unwanted tattoos safely and with little to no side effects. Schedule a consultation today at our office in Palm Beach Gardens, FL to see if you are a candidate! 

What to expect during a tattoo removal?

Usually, local anesthetic is applied to the treatment area, but most patients compare the feeling to a rubber band popping on their skin! It is ultimately your choice, and we can accommodate whatever you feel most comfortable with. The treatment will take anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes. Based on several factors such as tattoo size, location, pigment color, Dr. Winnard will create your personalized treatment plan and discuss how many treatments he believes are necessary. We offer complimentary consultations to see how many sessions would be needed but generally 5 to 10 are normally recommended based on a number of factors.  


How does it work?

The Q-Switched Laser is very effective for the removal of dark tattoos and the safest for skin of color. The laser works by targeting the dark, solid-colored particles of the tattoo. The Q-Switch Laser releases high-powered pulses that penetrate down to the dermis and help to fade away the color in the pigmented area without damaging the top layer of skin. Using a top-hat beam profile ensures control of homogeneous energy delivery and maximum safety with treatment precision. In addition, the new M22 Lumenis® Stellar Laser has the versatility of 7 different spot sizes. This reduces unnecessary scaring and keeps the surrounding skin safe for customized treatments. 

How many treatments are necessary?

During your consultation Dr. Winnard will assess your tattoo(s) and create your personalized treatment plan based off of a number of factors: including the size of the tattoo, the location, the pigment color, the ink depth and more. He will also discuss how many treatments he believes are necessary. Generally 5 to 10 are normally recommended with the Lumenis® M22 Stellar Laser.



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