Our Facility


Our Facility

OneLife Health & Performance is located in the Donald Ross Village shopping center in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. We are an upscale, state-of-the-art medical clinic with an organic luxury feel.

Upon entering our clinic, you will be greeted and checked in by one of our staff members in our main lobby. While you wait, filtered water and a selection of organic juices will be available to you.

Once you are called back, you will begin your appointment in our “Triage” room. Our body composition analyzer machine is in this room, and this is also where you may have blood drawn, get an IV started, or have your vitals checked.

From there, depending on your appointment, you will enter one of the many other rooms in our clinic.

We have two full-scale “Procedure” rooms equipped for receiving injections, facials, and more.

We also have an “IV Therapy” room that features two full-size massage chairs for ultimate relaxation while replenishing your body.

Our “Exam” rooms offer casual comfort and allow you to talk with our Doctor, Certified Health Coaches, or staff members with ease.

We put much time and effort into making our clinic unique and hope that each patient who walks through the doors will instantly feel comfortable & at ease.

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