How To Raise Testosterone Levels Naturally and Why BHRT Might Be Right for You

Have you recently noticed loss of muscle, mood swings, or decline in libido? Have you experienced lowered energy, difficulty sleeping, or even brain fog? If you’re a man over 30, these issues may be the result of low testosterone––a natural occurrence that effects each person differently. Sometime it’s possible to increase your testosterone hormone levels naturally, but you may also want to consider bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) from OneLife Health & Performance in Testosterone Therapy West Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Don’t Ignore Your Worsening Low Testosterone Symptoms

Testosterone is an essential hormone that is found in both men and women. It is produced by your endocrine system. After men turn 30 years old, the endocrine system slows its production, and the amount of new testosterone starts to decline. This decline is typically gradual, often by just 1% per year––but over time, this decline can lead to a number of unwanted effects:

  • Loss of libido
  • Drop in sexual performance
  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Loss of muscle
  • Gain in weight
  • Unexplained fatigue

Fortunately, if you are suffering from any of these, there are both natural options as well as reliable hormone therapy that may be able to help.

How Can You Raise Hormone Levels Naturally?

The decline in testosterone production is almost always a completely natural phenomenon. If you have no other serious medical issues, how do you counteract this age-related testosterone loss?

There are a few changes to your habits and environment that may be useful in slowing the trend of declining testosterone. These may either help slow the loss, or encourage your body to produce more of its own testosterone in the first place. In order to raise testosterone levels naturally, consider some of the following approaches.

Improve Your Diet

Your endocrine system can only build hormones if it has the correct raw materials first. We get these materials from the diet that we eat. A balanced amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates is essential to keeping your hormones happy. A high-sugar diet can lead to spikes and dips in blood sugar, which may affect both overall mood and your hormone balance.

Get an Appropriate Amount of Exercise

Moderate exercise at least three times a week will help improve your overall health in ways that will, in turn, contribute to testosterone production. See if you can find healthy ways to get exercise during the week, and you will improve heart health and also make it easier for your endocrine system to function optimally.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Numerous studies have shown that as we gain excess body fat, our bodies begin to convert testosterone to estrogen. This means that not only do we have less total testosterone, but the overall balance is now different. Hormone balance is important because hormonal effects are dictated not just by the amount of testosterone, but by the relation of testosterone to other hormones in the system.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is essential because it is during this time that the body heals and repairs itself. It also produces many of the hormones that we need. If we are not getting sufficient sleep, we may find that we lack testosterone and other necessary hormones. If you are routinely getting too little sleep, try to find a way to add more to your schedule, and this can help improve your hormone balance.

Create a Low-Stress Environment

Stress comes in many forms. It’s an unfortunate truth that high stress can contribute to low testosterone, but it can also be a symptom. This leads to a cycle that is difficult to break. If you life a high-stress lifestyle, try to find ways to manage your stress. Find ways to relax, meditate, rest, or give yourself constructive leisure time. A lower-stress life will help your body produce less cortisol, which slows testosterone production.

Avoid Excess Alcohol Consumption

Many studies have shown that responsible amounts of alcohol can have positive effects on the heart and overall health. However, when an otherwise healthy adult begins to drink beyond the normal amount, alcohol consumption can create serious problems. Aside from adding to the risk of obesity, too much alcohol can result in low testosterone levels.

What If Natural Methods Don’t Work?

Although adopting a healthy lifestyle will help somewhat, it is often the case that a patient may require more than home remedies. Habit changes may be enough to make small improvements. Still, if you are suffering severe or chronic symptoms as the result of low testosterone, then you may want to consider getting a hormone test.

This test will analyze the balance of hormones in your blood, urine, or saliva. This will enable a doctor to understand exactly what needs to change in order to achieve an optimal balance for your hormones.

What Is Involved in a Hormone Test?

Testing often involves either a questionnaire, a lab analysis of a sample (such as a small blood sample), or both of these processes. These will help your health care provider to understand exactly what the issue might be. If the test shows that you in fact do have low testosterone, you may be a candidate for BHRT––bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a cutting-edge scientific approach that aims to help you reclaim your sense of well-being through properly rebalancing hormones. The process is a long-term therapy, which means that it does not happen overnight. Rather, it slowly releases the necessary amount of hormones over a period of time, which ensures that you can get balanced hormones in the healthiest possible way.

After you have rebalanced your hormones, you may want to continue bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for months or even years in order to maintain your newfound results.

What Are the Signs That BHRT Might Be Right for You?

There are a few reasons why your hormones might be out of balance. You may have too little testosterone, which is the most common reason for men who are age 30 and over. However, it’s also possible that your body may simply be producing too much of another hormone, such as estrogen. In both cases, directly adding more testosterone into your system can help rebalance the situation.

If you are suffering from any of the common “low testosterone symptoms” that we listed above, and if natural methods aren’t helping enough, then BHRT can potentially make a huge difference.

Hormone Replacement FAQs

Many of our patients have questions about the specifics of this treatment. Here are a few of the ones that are most commonly asked. If you don’t see your own answer listed here, please get in touch with us! We are always happy to answer any questions you might have.

What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones are designed to look like the naturally-occurring hormones that are produced in the human body. They are identical to human hormones on a molecular level. Many leading medical professionals believe that this authentic structure delivers the most reliable and natural results, as they are the most similar to the chemicals that would be produced by the human body.

What Are the Hormones Made of?

Bioidentical hormones are produced in a lab. These hormones are derived from the organic material found in raw plant products.

How Are the Hormones Administered?

There are a number of popular methods for introducing bioidentical hormones to a patient. Creams and pills are common, as are injections. Another common method is the biodientical hormone pellet. In this method, a small pellet comprised of testosterone is inserted just under the skin, where it will slowly be absorbed by the body over an extended period of time (typically several weeks or months). Pellet therapy simplifies the process––you can get the pellet and then forget about it.

Can Hormone Therapy Restore My Sex Drive?

Lost or lowered libido is one of the most common reasons for seeking out BHRT. The situation can be extremely frustrating for all involved, yet sometimes the answer is as simple as a missing hormone. Low testosterone can be one factor, as can higher levels of cortisol that are brought about by excess stress. In either case, testosterone therapy west palm beach can often help remedy this situation.

How Soon Will I See Results From Hormone Therapy?

Of course, every patient is different. However, you will usually start to notice a difference after two or three weeks of the therapy. The full effects of treatment will be felt after two months, once enough of the hormone has been absorbed into the bloodstream. The reason for the slow process is that it allows our medical staff to monitor your progress and make sure that the appropriate balance is struck.

How Long Does a Hormone Therapy Session Take?

A pellet insertion is a quick treatment––only a few minutes––and it does not require an extensive “recovery period” like what you would have with surgery.

Will I Need to Continue With BHRT Forever?

Many patients choose to continue with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for years. Of course, this depends on a patient’s individual goals, and how they respond to treatment. While the treatment continues, our staff will conduct occasional check-ups to make sure that you are receiving the optimal results.

What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Treatment?

Testosterone Therapy West Palm Beach is an enormously important hormone in a man’s life. Because not all men experience hormone decline in the same way. It is natural and age-related, and can often lead to feelings of frustration and loss of self-confidence, even if you have done absolutely nothing wrong. A comprehensive treatment can restore your confidence as well as stabilizing your mood, sleep habits, libido, and overall sense of well-being.

How Much Does BHRT Cost?

When you meet with our medical personnel, we will discuss a pricing plan that is appropriate for your situation. The pricing will depend on what symptoms we are treating, how high a dosage is required, and how long the treatment lasts. For more details, contact us directly about any cost-related questions and we will be happy to answer them.

How Can I Get Started?

When you contact our office, we will schedule an initial consultation and assessment. We will want to make sure we fully understand your symptoms, as well as assessing what type of therapy will be best. During our consultation, we will discuss your medical history and also answer any questions or concerns you may have about treatment.

Contact Us for Your Personal Consultation Today!

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