How Long Do HydraFacial Results Last?

If you care about having glowing, healthy skin and follow the latest trends in skincare, you have no doubt heard of the Hydrafacial. Because it combines cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction in an effective and painless manner, it has quickly risen to become one of the most popular skin treatments available. You can revel in this luxurious treatment at OneLife Health & Performance, conveniently located in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

What Is a Hydrafacial?

Before we talk about what the phenomenal results of this treatment are, and how long you can expect them to last, it’s important that we learn a bit more about what this treatment is and how it works.

The Basics

The treatment is made possible by the Hydrafacial machine: a patented, medical-grade device that controls and carries out each part of the treatment. It attaches to a handheld device that the esthetician glides over your skin during each step. The handheld wand is capable of many things. It can release serums into your skin and vacuum them back up once they have done their work. The wand also provides vortex technology that lifts and sucks all the gunk and grime out of your pores.

The Process

The four-step process is fast, painless, and effective.

Step One: Vortex Exfoliation

The first part of the treatment involves vortex cleaning and a hydra peel exfoliation. The esthetician uses a deplaning tool to get rid of all the dead skin cells. Our skin cells are constantly dying and replenishing themselves. While the cells do shed on their own, it’s best to give them some help by exfoliating. Dead skin cells don’t reflect light well, so after exfoliation, your skin is left looking brighter and healthier.

Step Two: Vortex Exfoliation

The second step of the process involves an acid peel. You may have had negative experiences with acid peels in the past or heard about how intense they can be, but don’t worry. This acid peel is far different from ones you may be familiar with. It’s made of a non-irritant mix of salicylic and glycolic acids that gets deep into your pores and loosens the debris and dirt that cannot be reached with normal face washing. It also works to hydrate your skin and soften it by providing your skin with nutrients.

Step Three: Vortex Extraction

The third step is extraction. You may have had negative experiences with extractions in the past, but just like with the acid peel, this extraction process is different, and less painful, than what you may be expecting. With manual extractions, the esthetician squeezes and pinches the skin until the blackhead is removed. However, with vortex extraction, the wand rapidly circulates a liquid that acts as a vacuum to painlessly suck out the dirt and debris that is clogging your pores.

Step Four: Vortex Fusion

The last step of the treatment brings everything together. It delivers a pro antioxidant serum with potent peptides and hyaluronic acid. The serum hydrates the skin and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, uneven skin tones, sun damage, and oiliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Results?

One of the reasons the Hydrafacial is quickly becoming the most popular skin treatment is because it has such a wide range of benefits. The serums hydrate and nourish your skin on deep levels and stimulate collagen production to smooth fine lines and wrinkles from the face. It reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and evens out your tone. It reduces acne and blackheads and can help to get rid of acne scars. It can help relieve clogged pores and shrink enlarged pores, as well as reduce oily skin.

How Long Do Hydrafacial Results Last?

After receiving a single treatment, you will notice visible skin refinement and a radiant and even skin tone. Your skin will be very smooth, and you’ll notice how hydrated your skin feels. You can expect to enjoy your noticeably smooth skin for about five to seven days, or even longer. It’s recommended that you receive one treatment a month to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, and congested skin. Having continued treatments will help you maintain healthy skin results.

Are the Results Consistent?

A great benefit of this facial treatment is that both the experiences and results are extremely consistent. If you’ve had facials before, you may have noticed that the experience can vary hugely based on the person performing the treatment. You might pay for a facial at one spa and have amazing results, then try the same type of facial somewhere else only to be gravely disappointed. Unlike other skin treatments, this facial treatment doesn’t depend on the skill level of the technician performing it. Everything happens because of the powerful Hydrafacial machine that controls the process. Because of this, you can expect to get the very best results every time. You never have to worry about having a painful treatment or finding the most skilled technician if you relocate. Wherever you get this facial treatment, it will meet your standards.

Do the Extractions Have Side Effects?

If you’ve had a facial with extractions before, you might be familiar with some of the side effects. In typical facials, the esthetician forces blackheads out, along with the other gunk trapped in your pores, by using a tool to physically force the gunk out of your skin. Not only is the squeezing, pushing, and prodding extremely painful, but it leaves your skin red, swollen and inflamed. And those symptoms can take days to go away! But not with this kind of facial. Our extractions use vortex power and serums to loosen the dirt and debris from deep in your pores and then vacuum it out. Rather than being painful, the treatment is a relaxing experience that feels like a light massage. Plus, these extractions are far more effective than manual extractions, which often end up leaving more debris in your pores than they are able to get out.

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

The whole treatment takes only about half an hour! It’s fast enough to schedule during your lunch hour or just before an important event. And the best part is that there is zero downtime. The beautiful results are immediately visible, unlike other treatments that leave you with residual irritation, inflammation, or peeling. After just a quick session, you can expect to have improved acne and reduced blackheads, as well as improved texture and tone. It’s the perfect way to prepare before something like a prom, a wedding, or the red carpet.

Can I Get Other Treatments Along With This Facial?

Something that makes this facial treatment so special is that you can easily pair it with other treatments or procedures. You can have your dermatologist top off your Botox and fillers after your facial is done. Some spas even offer extra treatments specifically to pair with this facial. You might want to try having a lymphatic drainage massage after your facial to get the benefits of a non-surgical facelift. Or you can choose a non-ablative light and laser treatment, like the V-Beam, which gets rid of redness. You might want to try intense pulsed light to treat any sun damage.

Is This Facial Treatment Customizable?

Another impressive part of this facial treatment is that it is infinitely customizable. There are many amazing boosters created by the company that invented this treatment to help you customize the treatment to really focus on your priorities. Beyond the boosters, there are other ways to customize the treatment as well. During the treatment step that involves acid peels, your esthetician can choose from three different strengths of glycolic-salicylic acid serums. Together with your esthetician, you can choose which is best for you based upon your skin type, what you’re looking for from the facial, and your past experience with acid peels. The esthetician can even customize the wand’s suction power to give your skin the boost it needs to get rid of all the gunk in your pores. If you have dark circles under your eyes, the esthetician can tone down the suction power to help reduce them. The negative pressure created by the suction boosts circulation and helps to lighten those dark circles. You can even have the esthetician go over your lips to plump them up. Here are some of our favorite boosters to help you personalize your experience:

Regen GF Booster

This booster uses a wide range of proteins and M-007 Fulvate Complex. Together, the ingredients help to boost collagen and elastin production to diminish the appearance of fine lines. This booster also effectively captures and removes toxins and irritants from the skin.

Alastin Trihex-Pro Booster

This booster utilizes phosphatidylserine, palmitoyl dipeptide-5, acetyl hexapeptide-38, and tremella Fusiformis mushroom. The phosphatidylserine helps to support the skin’s ability to maintain healthy collagen levels. The palmitoyl dipeptide-5 helps to aid proteins that maintain the structure of the skin, both the dermis and epidermis. The acetyl hexapeptide-38 and l-ornithine help to support healthy adipose tissue, which keeps your skin plump. And the mushroom improves the skin’s ability to retain water. The booster helps to clear out damaged collagen and elastin and helps the skin to produce new elastin and collagen. It also helps to reduce the appearance of thinning skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Plus, it improves the overall texture and tone for a more youthful complexion.

Circadia Chrono-Peptide

This booster combines chronocyclin peptide, neodermyl, matrixyl morphomics peptide, and matrixyl synth’6 peptide. The chronocyclin is an anti-aging peptide, and it optimizes the skin cells’ activities of regeneration. It also helps the stimulation of Vitamin D. The neodermyl is a “needle-free” collagen and elastin filler. It helps to recharge the skin’s beauty and boosts skin density and overall firmness. The matrixyl morphomics peptide is clinically shown to reduce the appearance of expression lines. And the matrixyl synthe‘6 peptide helps stimulate dermal matrix proteins and can decrease wrinkle depth. Together, these ingredients help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, energizes the skin, and leaves the skin feeling radiant and glowing.


This booster combines bearberry extract, Vitamin C, and alpha-arbutin. The alpha-arbutin and bearberry extract work as brighteners, and Vitamin C is an antioxidant. Together, these ingredients work to brighten and balance the skin tone and minimize the appearance of dark spots and sun spots.


This booster utilizes growth factors that promote hyaluronic acid and collagen production. This booster minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by using naturally derived growth factors. It also works to improve skin health and vitality by helping to bring the skin to a more youthful state.

Perk Total Eye

This add-on combines actineyes, aldavineTM 5x, phytomoist, and total eye 3-in-1 renewal therapy. The actineyes helps to protect the skin from impurities and addresses the skin laxity that makes under-eye bags prominent. It also helps to support the health and production of collagen. The aldavineTM 5x helps to maintain the health of capillaries to minimize puffiness around the eyes and reduce pigmentation. And the phytomoist addresses hydration and overall suppleness and helps to maintain water balance. Together, these ingredients help to get rid of under-eye bags. It hydrates and brightens the eyes, reduces puffiness and dark circles, and helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Zo Rozatrol Booster

This booster uses lactose, a milk protein, which helps to minimize the inflammation and diminish the appearance of skin redness. It also uses rosa canina extract, which helps sebum control and minimizes pores. Together, these ingredients help to relieve the visible signs of red, sensitized, and inflamed skin. It helps to replenish the hydration of the skin and support a healthy skin barrier function. It also helps to detoxify the skin.

Zo Brightalive Booster

This option uses a skin brightening complex that provides a unique blend of skin brighteners to block the production of pigmentation. It also uses glycerin, which helps with hydration restoration, replenishment, and retention. Together, these ingredients help to reduce the appearance of brown spots. It helps to even out the skin tone and prevents new pigmentation formation. It also helps to restore hydration and replenish the skin’s vital hydration balance.

Hydropeptide Power Serum Booster

This booster uses several trademarked serums, including Inlyne, Ellagi-c, Idealift, and Phytosan K. Inline uses complexes designed to help relax muscle contractions that cause fine lines. Ellagi-c is a bark extract that encourages collagen synthesis. Idealift is a peptide complex that assists in improving the structural integrity to fight against skin sagging to create a firmer appearance. And Phytosan K is a soybean seed extract that helps to stimulate skin’s regenerative function and protect against UV damage. This booster helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to improve skin firmness and volume and treats aging concerns.

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Whether you are always trying out the newest and best skincare treatments or you’re just starting to look into the best beauty and skin treatments, the Hydrafacial is the best way to invest in your skin and get the bright, clean and clear complexion that you’ve always wanted. There’s a reason that the skincare world is buzzing about this facial treatment, because nothing else can compare. Why not try it out for yourself? If you have any questions about this revolutionary facial treatment, or you’d like to schedule one, contact us at One Life Health and Performance in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.